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What is a cookie?

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Types of cookies

First-Party Cookie:

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Second-Party Cookie:

When a website shares its data or website analytics with retail stores, manufacturers or marketing firms to aid them in reaching their target audience.

Third-Party Cookie:

When a website has ads displayed on their web pages, articles or videos from a third party such as a Google, Yahoo, Bing, retailer, manufacturer or marketing firm. It is their ability to track performance of the ads they are paying the website you are visiting.

Fire Service Pro use of Cookies

  1. Fire Service Pro does not request personal user information. There are no forms, log in, passwords, uploading of pictures, or user inputted content. We do not track user personal call logs, texts, videos or ask you permission to do so. We do not own any user inputted information. We believe the content you create is yours and you are entitled to privacy.

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  4. Fire Service Pro may use these cookies to help offset its costs by selling relevant advertising on our websites such as First-Party, Second-Party or Third-Party cookies. We only use these cookies as needed for advertisers or if ordered by the court system.

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  6. Fire Service Pro uses a third-party to monitor calls. This is to prove what type of lead an exclusive fire protection service company member receives. Such as the type of fire protection system (Sprinkler, Extinguisher, or Suppression System) and what service is requested (Estimate, Repair, Install, Maintenance or Service). Fire Service Pro does not share this information with anyone other than potential member advertisers. We do not monitor calls from directory listings, you are given the phone number listed with OSFM and State Licensing Bureau. A toll-free number and a stand-alone logo of only one fire protection company at top of website with a notice calls are monitored for quality assurance, helps you determine an exclusive member.

As a visitor to our websites you agree to Fire Service Pro use of cookies.

Data Sharing Economics:

“When did cookies become such a big thing?”

Our global society is entering a new age of thinking, the sharing of knowledge…welcome to the information age.

The information age promotes minimalism which is growing at a fast pace and it will change the World. Examples of this would be; why have the infrastructure and costs of a library when you can access every book ever written from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Why buy a car, when you can use transportation services such as Lyft, Uber or participate in ride sharing at a lower cost than owning.

This is not a scary concept, our World is growing, and there are only so many resources available. When we participate in this “As Needed” way of life we free ourselves from burden, and it can save us money. Our society has always learned from each other it is the way we have evolved from caveman to present day.

As the internet platform has become a resource to expand our knowledge or satisfy these needs, so has the purpose of tracking. So we may improve the user experience.

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Granted…this money is used for many websites operating expenses and helps pay for websites, web pages, articles and videos you enjoy.

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